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It's a little bit magic...

Like a river of morning geese. In the new warm mountain. Where the stone face forms and speaks...


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It's not the energy reeling...

It's not the energy reeling... nor the lines in your face... nor the clouds on the ceiling... nor the clouds in space. It's not the phone on the table... nor the bed in the earth... nor the bed in the stable... nor your stable words. It's not the formless being...


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Slitaz Rules

Slitaz might be the coolest lightweight Linux distro ever.


That Means No...

Where I come from... I am cold, out waiting for the day to come...


Sawdust and Diamonds

And the moment I slept, I was swept up in a terrible tremor... Though no longer bereft, how I shook! And I couldn't remember... Then the furthermost shake drove a murthering stake in and cleft me right down through my center... And I shouldn't say so, but I knew that it was then, or never...


Introducing Bunsenlabs

The spiritual successor to the very-much-missed Crunchbang Linux.


The Stillness is the Move

After all that we’ve been through I know that I will always love you... From now until forever baby... I can’t imagine anything better. After all that we’ve been through! I know we’ll make it, I know the way The question is it true... There is nothing we can’t do I see you along the way baby...


I Luv the Valley... Oh!!!

It's a pill and you've got to take it. It's a pill that you've got to take... It's a pill and you've got to take it... I won't rest until you take it. That's a heart that you made...


About Hugo

An awesome static site generator


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