Slitaz Rules

Published: Aug 29, 2017

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From the Official Slitaz Website:

SliTaz GNU/Linux is a free operating system working completely in memory from removable media such as a CD-ROM or USB key. It is light, speedy and fully installable on a hard drive. SliTaz is distributed in the form of a LiveCD that you can easily burn to a cdrom and boot from. When the system is running you can eject the LiveCD and use your CD drive for other tasks. The Live system provides a fully-featured, working graphical distro and lets you keep your data and personal settings on persistent media. The system can be extended with the Tazpkg package manager and security updates are provided for the cooking and stable versions.

This distro is awesome! I always keep a copy of this on a USB stick, and have installed it on 10+ year old hardware. It has a great community, as well. This distro hasn’t had a stable release in awhile, but is definitely still active!

Image Credit: Screenshot by Linea

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